Almost half of the nation spends less than one hour outside every day.

That is according to a new poll, which also found that one in five people say they are not content and that British people rank their wellness as ‘average’, with time spent outside and time spent sedentary being key areas for improvement nationwide.

Hours of sleep and ‘me time’ are where Brits rank their habits highest, although the average amount of sleep still falls short of the recommended seven to nine hours, at just over six-and-a-half (six hours 36 minutes).

Overall, none of the factors ranked significantly highly, with time spent outside showing as one of the main areas that detracts from overall wellness. According to the research, whilst the national average for time spent in the great outdoors is two hours per day, almost half of the UK spend less than an hour outdoors in an average day.

In light of the new research, from leading health and fitness app, MINDBODY, experts have revealed lifestyle changes that will improve wellness.

Dr Mark Silvert, Consultant Psychiatrist in London at The Blue Tree Clinic, advised: “When we exercise, we get a boost of endorphins, which gives a feeling of happiness and wellbeing, we benefit from feeling better within our bodies, which can improve self-confidence and our physical health. Getting outside into the fresh air is an almost forgotten past time. Get a dog, it will help you think of looking after man’s best friend and the bond between people and pets is also known to be healing when we are not feeling good.”