Described as a radically different and life-changing ‘anti-diet’ fitness programme is a new book from Chalene Johnson.

131 Method is billed as a nutrition solution to boost metabolism, restore gut health and lose weight, and has been penned by the health and wellness experts, who currently holds the Guinness World Record with over 27m downloads to date.

Several years ago, Chalene began to suffer a steady decline in her health that included debilitating brain fog, mood swings, and chronic pain and injuries. This led her to question the diet and fitness industries’ definition of health, and subsequently transitioned her focus from business to health and wellness.

Her role as a fitness expert gave her unparalleled access to leading researchers, doctors, scientists, and world-renowned experts in health, fitness, diet, nutrition, metabolism, leaky gut, hormone balance, and disease. What she discovered changed the course of her life and set her on a mission to help others to uncover truth the truth about weight loss, health, longevity and the secret to living a happier, fuller, healthier life with the 131 Method: a revolutionary anti-diet.

In this book, Chalene offers a method that’s she’s rigorously researched and tested, with thousands of success stories to back it up. The name of the programme comes from its three key components:

  • Choose your goal (for example, weight loss, hormone balance, gut health, brain fog, etc.).
  • The three phases of the programme: ignite, nourish and renew.
  • You – time to customise the diet for you.

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