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Retreating to wellness

Circle Retreats is a new wellbeing sanctuary designed to support healthy mind and body. The retreats, held in the UK, Spain and Ibiza, harness the power of human creativity to help people reach their full potential and have been developed by co-founders, Gabriel Marshall and Krysia Howard, whose background in therapeutic arts led them to create a platform that merges creative process with body-led practices, such as yoga and massage, with meditation bridging between the two. Circle Retreats offers day-long to week-long retreats and workshops, and each retreat combines the creative arts with a daily yoga practice, meditation and...

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Yoga training for mums

A course is offering training in three yoga disciplines in one. Birthlight On Tour was created by well-known UK based yoga providers, Birthlight, with a dedicated five-day course, which moves through the various stages of pregnancy, birth and the postnatal year, with specialised moves for news mums and their babies.   The gentle yet powerful techniques have helped women all over the world optimise their bonding with their babies and can easily be integrated into existing practices and daily life. Taking place in the peace and tranquillity of the Spanish countryside at the beautiful Om Shanti Retreat, located an...

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Face your vitamin D-emons

October is Vitamin D Awareness Week – a time for you to think about if you’re getting enough. This year, the organisers are challenging the public to face their vitamin D-emons by becoming vitamin D aware. Vitamin D Awareness Week (October 23-29) highlights the symptoms of deficiency which is estimated to affect 10 million people in the UK and how to effectively supplement to be a better you. For more information visit,...

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Skin Health From Within

Chocolate and peanuts are among a range of foods which could trigger eczema, according to a nutritionist. Dora Walsh, a London-based Nutritionist Resource member, has shared her top tips on which foods can help you avoid the condition as part of National Eczema Week, which was held recently. Dora believes the right diet is crucial to alleviating eczema, and says it is time to ditch the mittens and that creams may not necessarily be the answer to the ordeal of eczema. Foods to reduce eczema include fish, potatoes, berries and apples. She said: “Mainstream medicine can control eczema by...

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Festive Fever

The Christmas season may be drawing closer, but don’t forget that there are some health woes to be aware of. According to allergy expert, Max Wiseberg, house fever could be as big as hay fever as the wintry weather settles in, and increasing numbers of colds make an appearance. Max explains that cold germs aren’t always the culprit for colds; it could be that you’re actually allergic to your own house! This is because as many as 12 million of us could suffer with a condition he terms ‘house fever’. Max explained: “Knowing that I suffer from hay fever...

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