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Take your yoga to new heights

If you like to keep your workout routine a bit different, then a unique new class in London is for you. Tower Bridge Exhibition, one of London’s most iconic attractions, has launched a brand new season of its sell out ‘Yoga in the Walkways’ classes. Back by popular demand, the sunrise vinyasa-flow yoga classes take place on the world famous attraction’s glass floor walkway, a heart-thumping 138ft above the River Thames. Designed to revitalise, reboot and rebalance, the classes are open to all abiliities and offer a unique setting to perfect the practice, whilst taking in the magnificent and...

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Exercising during the winter can seem far harder than in the warmer months. For a start, getting active outside can be off-putting when it’s cold, and leaving the comfort of your home after a day at work, even if it is to go to the warmth of the gym, can feel a struggle. But there are some simple steps you can take to keep motivated during the winter – and double world champion British rower and personal fitness trainer, Toby Garbett, is here to offer his advice. “As a personal trainer and coach, I often find people let their...

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Slimming savvy

As we head towards the New Year, many people will be thinking of shedding the pounds – but it is important you do it safely. Nutritionist at Lifeplan, Julie Lamble, offers her advice on choosing the right supplement to support your New Year fitness campaign. “Firstly, start with a natural supplement. There are so many effective natural ingredients on the market, you don’t need to rely on pharmaceutical slimming aids or anything that includes unnatural stimulants that will speed up your metabolism. These aren’t good to use on a long-term basis and sometimes they can have a counter-active effect...

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The importance of vitamin D for children during the winter months has been emphasised by a leading nutritionist. With children spending more time indoors than ever before, this is having a negative impact on their health, not least their declining vitamin D levels due to lack of sun exposure. In fact, one study found that 31 per cent of children had below the lowest desirable limit of vitamin D during winter, which could have very real health consequences. Nutritionist Kim Pearson, who provides nutritional expertise for natural health specialists, BetterYou, explained that vitamin D is vital for children for...

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Impact of male infertility revealed

A new study has revealed the huge effect that infertility has on men. The survey, conducted by national charity Fertility Network UK and researchers at Leeds Beckett University, was relased to tie in with the recent National Fertility Awareness Week and saw men call for a shift from infertility being seen as a ‘women’s issue’ within society and vastly improved support for men, in particular online. The majority of respondents had direct experience of male factor infertility; 51 per cent male factor alone, 15 per cent both male and female factor infertility, and 19 per cent unexplained infertility or...

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