A new campaign has launched to encourage pregnant women to take time to monitor their baby’s movements in the womb.

Run by natural parenting experts, Babyopathy, the Routine in the Womb initiative highlights the importance of checking your baby’s movements and the benefits this can have.

Created by Angela Spencer, an award-winning author and parenting expert of more than 25 years, this year, the campaign centres around the clear message that #movementsmatter. Running throughout June, this thought-provoking movement aims to educate expectant mums on the importance of being mindful about their unborn baby’s routine, encouraging expectant mums to put their feet up and spend some time every day to focus on the baby’s movements. Learning baby’s unique routine in the womb and being able to identify changes can help to detect any potential problems.

Angela explained: “It’s not just reduced movement mums should look out for, but sudden excessive movement too, as this could mean the baby is in distress. In these current times, expectant women may be feeling more stress now than ever before. Following recent statistics that there has been a drastic increase in mental health concerns in the under fives and the link between stress in pregnancy and these conditions, I truly believe we need to focus more on supporting women to maintain a stress free pregnancy.”


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