We know that walking is wonderful for our health and fitness but did you know that it can help to take your worries away?

Whether you believe in the power of walking 10,000 steps a day or whether you find it a meaningless fitness goal, a recent survey has found there could be a positive case for notching up 10,900 steps.

The survey found that people who completed an average of 10,900 steps a day were less likely to take their work worries home with them (than those walking less than 7,000) and, therefore, less likely to take out work frustrations on their families. So, as well as burning an average of 587 extra calories, exercise can also play a role in a harmonious home life.

The survey found that it could be because those steps (run, jogged or walked) increased motivation for demanding tasks, such as reining in emotions, it meant it was easier to bite your tongue after exercise because physical exertion helped with self-regulation.

The people at RESCUE PLUS Effervescent are reminding of its benefits to help you stay on top of your busy day and reduce tiredness and fatigue.