Founded in Switzerland in 1931 by Dr. Hugo Brandenberger, the organic beverage company, Biotta, has remained dedicated to its original goal of producing top-quality juice from vegetables and fruits just as nature intended–fresh from the field into the bottle.

Biotta has established reliable and scientific organic growing techniques, protecting the natural wholesomeness and taste of all ingredients, and their juices use only natural and physical processing methods as opposed to commonly used chemical methods.

Biotta juices are:

  • 100% organic
  • Naturally vegan
  • Nothing artificial
  • Never from concentrate
  • Full of plant-based nutrients
  • Straight from nature

I was sent six of their juices to taste test, which all provide different benefits to suit an individual’s needs.

Beetroot Those interested in sport and athletic performance
Breuss Those interested in wellness and detox
Carrot Those interested in the maintenance of skin and mucous membranes
Purple carrot Those interested in the maintenance of vision
Vegetable cocktail Those interested in wellness and the maintenance of normal blood pressure
Wild mountain cranberry Those interested in the benefits of phytonutrients


Admittedly I was apprehensive in trying these juices as I had never tried a fermented product before but Biotta have an abundance of information regarding their products and talk you through, step-by-step, the process on how they are made.

The vegetables are cleaned and then finely milled, before going through the centrifuge, which separates the juice from solids. Once the vegetables have gone through the centrifuge, lactofermentation takes place. Lactic acid bacteria are added and the vegetable juices are allowed to develop naturally by the gentle application of heat over 24 hours, which eventually accomplishes pasteurisation.

As you can see the colour of all six juices are bright and vibrant reflecting the colour of the produce that they have been made from and is contained in a clear glass bottle with a screw top lid for easy use and storage.

Although some of the flavours might be an acquired taste, the health benefits outweigh this, and you can be happy in the thought that you are pumping 100% organic food into your body. If you would prefer not to have these as a drink or feel that you will not consume a bottle within the recommended 8 days, Biotta have provided a huge array of recipes including Popsicle’s and bread! – which can be made using the juices. After finishing all six bottles and experimenting with different dishes along the way, I look forward to trying Biotta’s newer flavours including potato!

To find a recipe to suit your needs, go to:

For more information on Biotta juices and their nutritional value, go to:

Drink the colours of nature – individual price varies £3.99 – £4.99

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