The importance of vitamin D for children during the winter months has been emphasised by a leading nutritionist.

With children spending more time indoors than ever before, this is having a negative impact on their health, not least their declining vitamin D levels due to lack of sun exposure. In fact, one study found that 31 per cent of children had below the lowest desirable limit of vitamin D during winter, which could have very real health consequences.

Nutritionist Kim Pearson, who provides nutritional expertise for natural health specialists, BetterYou, explained that vitamin D is vital for children for many reasons; it helps the absorption of calcium, essential for healthy bones and strong teeth. It also plays a role in maintaining health immune function, which helps to protect against infections. Children with very low vitamin D levels are also at risk of developing rickets.

Kim added that dietary sources of vitamin D are limited and even if children are getting outdoors regularly, the unpredictable UK weather means that we can’t always rely on
the sun to keep us topped up. Therefore, the Government advises that everyone should supplement vitamin D, children included; an oral spray can ensure it gets
into the system faster, and more efficiently.