ChaYkra is the new label that creates specialised and ethically sourced garments for yoga.

The London-based brand uses only 100 per cent sustainable materials from fair trade certified factories, with the debut collection’s style being ‘Brindian’, fusing British elegance with Indian flair to create a unique style reflecting the identity of the brand’s British Indian sister founders.

All garments in the ChaYkra collection have been made with natural organic cotton for its comfort, breathability and lightweight nature, tapping into the brand’s core ethos, ‘wear wellness’.

ChaYkra, whose debut collection comprises unique and affordable shorts, leggings, harem pants, tanks and tees, was founded by sisters Priya and Divya Kukar, and the word derives from the sanskrit word ‘chakra’, meaning the energy wheels in the body and reflects how yoga balances vital energy flows.