Lockdown has undoubtedly changed many things for the nation and none more so it seems than our fitness routines.

Having been forced out of the gym and to think of other ways to stay fit, new research has revealed that just one in 10 of us want to return to the gym now they have reopened.

And it seems we are also fed up with seeing people document their activities on social media; research by home exercise app, Eastnine.fit, has discovered two-thirds (63 per cent) 18-24 year-olds admitted to feeling pressure to work out more during lockdown. Social media was blamed as the reason why they felt this pressure, with 58 per cent of this age group citing Facebook and Instagram as the direct cause. This is twice the number of those twice their age – 30 per cent of 35-44 year-olds feel the social media strain.

Catriona Forrest, co-founder of the Eastnine home fitness app said: “Of all the things for us to feel pressured about during the pandemic, exercise shouldn’t be one of them. Working out is good for your mental health and your physical health, but if you’re putting pressure on yourself to keep up with influencers or friends and family – you’re not going to enjoy yourself. Find a fun, safe way to exercise that fits in with your life and your routine, and you will see results.”

“Working out from home is here to stay, with just one in 10 of us​ comfortable heading back to the gym as soon as they reopen. Find what works for you and enables you to create a routine, be part of something, complete with cheerleaders to encourage you.”

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