We’re all having to get creative with our workout routines amid these times of change, but don’t feel that just because you are at home that you can’t stay fit.

With all gyms and fitness studios now closed, housebound Brits are being encouraged to keep themselves in optimum physical and mental condition. And there is a way you can stay fit while also giving back through the new initiative, Fit 4 the Fight.

Those wanting to find something more exciting, challenging and personalised than generic home workouts can download the Fit 4 the Fight app and book a 20 or 40-minute one-on-one online training session with the instructor of their choice. Specially-tailored online group sessions will be available for the over-70s, in order to help them exercise safely and combat the loneliness of self-isolation.

With Fit 4 the Fight, people will be able to workout regularly with the same trainer and develop a relationship with them, which will offer valuable continuity in their routine for the best results over the coming months, while others will be able to try out new styles of training, always with the benefit of personalised sessions.

Users can search for trainers listed on the Fit 4 the Fight app by name, location, time and activity type, and use it to book and pay for their sessions. There are currently more than 20,000 available sessions to choose from.

Fit 4 the Fight founder, Anthony Franklin, commented: “While necessary, social distancing and self-isolation have the potential to cause serious physical and mental health problems, both now and in the long-term. Although many of us may have the best of intentions to workout at home, we know that without the incentive of a pre-booked session and the motivation provided by a personal trainer, a large proportion won’t bother.

“By booking a weekly or fortnightly training session through Fit 4 the Fight, fitness enthusiasts can maintain their progress while waiting for gyms and studios to re-open their doors, while novices can be introduced to a routine suited to their individual or family needs and goals. Additionally, 50 per cent of net proceeds will be donated to charities helping those most affected by the ongoing situation.”

For more information, visit www.fit4thefight.org

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