We plan for it for months, and then as soon as we jet off on holiday, our healthy living routine can go out of the window.

And while it’s important to relax and enjoy yourself, with a few simple steps, you can ensure you don’t undo all your healthy good work while you are on holiday.

Health and Fitness Travel, which specialises in healthy holidays around the world, is helping to make this a little easier by sharing different ways to stay healthy on holiday.

  • Travel healthy: Being confined to the cramped conditions and recirculated air of an aeroplane can have a detrimental effect on our bodies and immune system. Swap boozy beverages for water to stay hydrated and keep your circulation flowing with some simple yoga stretches.
  • Be workout wear prepared: If suitcase space is an issue, just pack a couple of workout wear options made of lightweight breathable materials that can cope with the heat and can be easily hand washed for re-wear during your trip.
  • Active exploration: Adventure beyond the hotel pool and explore your new surroundings whilst giving a healthy boost to your fitness. Whether you’d rather take in the sights on a leisurely jog or go the distance on a bike ride, ask the concierge for the most picturesque route and discover the beautiful scenery whilst upping your heart rate.
  • Swim for success: A full body workout and great cardiovascular exercise, swimming is a refreshing way to keep active whilst staying cool and is full of health benefits, from muscle toning to reducing stress.
  • Catch up on sleep: Holidays are an important time to catch up on lost sleep and allow our bodies time to recover and recharge. Keep in mind that in hot conditions, sleep may be disrupted whilst your body adjusts to the new climate, so avoid the temptation to stay up late every night of your holiday.
  • Get some vitamin D: Vitamin D we get from sunlight allows us to absorb the calcium and phosphate that makes our bones healthy and boosts our immune system. Outside of the peak hours of 11am to 3pm, when the sun is at its hottest, spend 15 minutes a day without sunscreen to get your daily dose.

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