Although we appear to be a nation more switched on to our health and wellness, worrying research has revealed that half of us think just 30 minutes of exercise each week is enough for a healthy heart.

It has been found that 50.5 per cent of people are oblivious to basic heart health requirements, and who don’t know what constitutes a healthy body mass index.

The new study, by AFIB Matters, also found that the figure is even lower for men, with the survey revealing that only 49.8 per cent of men are savvy on their heart health, compared to 51.5 per cent of women.

AFIB Matter’s survey found that those in the South East were the most clued up on heart health, though they still only scored 55.6 per cent on their heart health test. Northern Ireland was the most unknowing when it came to heart health, scoring 38.2 per cent. But despite offering the unique culinary delights of deep-fried Mars bars, Scots seemed to be much more aware of heart health, coming in the middle of the scoreboard, with just under half of respondents (48 per cent) demonstrating a good knowledge on the subject.