Some four in five adults say healthy lifestyle habits they adopted during lockdown are here to stay.

That is according to a new survey from food manufacturer, Bakkavor, which also found that one in seven people prioritise eating foods that boost our immune systems

Chief among the list of positive changes, a third of people (34 per cent) said they would continue to take a walk each day. This was followed by drinking more water (28 per cent), eating more fresh and healthy food (26 per cent), and getting more sleep (26 per cent).

While exercise and sleep featured in people’s priorities, the results showed that three in five respondents (61 per cent) had resolutions for life after lockdown that involved food. In addition to eating more fresh and healthy food (26 per cent) and spending more time cooking (29 per cent), these positive changes also included making healthier choices on food portions (19 per cent), spending more time eating together round a table (16 per cent), eating foods that boost our immune system (14 per cent) and eating three proper meals a day and cutting down on snacking (15 per cent).

“The pandemic and lockdown changed people’s lives overnight and for those that have had to focus on getting through lockdown it has brought many challenges, but our research shows there have been some positives. Many people took the time during isolation to reflect on the busy routines they had followed and our research suggests the better work-life balance, the renewed focus on diet and wellbeing during isolation will be taken into the post lockdown era,” commented Mike Edwards, Chief Operating Officer at Bakkavor.

“When it comes to diet, people are now craving fresh food options that may have been in short supply during lockdown. Fresh breads, fruit, salads and veg are all set for a revival in the months ahead as millions of Brits come out of isolation committed to following a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.”



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