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Lactobacillus species are the primary bacteria of the vagina of healthy women and ProVen Women’s Lactobacillus & Bifidus with Cranberry contains three Lactobacillus strains with cranberry and vitamin B6 to provide specific support for women’s health. One capsule a day provides 17.5 billion friendly bacteria, 100 per cent NRV of vitamin B6 and 100mg of cranberry extract. Inside has 10 to give away.





OptiBac Probiotics ‘For every day MAX’ is a premium quality supplement, at a strength of 50bn live cultures. The three strains in this product have been studied collectively in over 90 human clinical trials that demonstrate their ability to manage constipation, IBS, and reduce the risk of infections. Retailing at £35.99, this product provides quantity, and quality so you can use it with confidence that you’re using one of the world’s best probiotic supplements. Inside has five packs to give away.






Healtharena’s new Maxislim BerryTrim is a natural vegan supplement to improve gut health and help you to reach and maintain your goal weight. The two main ingredients, high strength glucomannan and inulin, are approved by the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) to aid healthy and effective weight loss and improve gut health. Also contains superberries, barley grass, CLA, L-Carnitine, green tea and white kidney bean extract. Inside has one 42-serving pot, and three 10-sachet packs for runners-up, to give away.






Udo’s Choice
Udo’s Choice Super 8 Microbiotics contains eight bacterial strains designed specifically with a higher percentage and concentration of L. acidophilus. The specific strains used in Super 8 Microbiotics have been specially chosen for their value to upper bowel health and have been formulated to the appropriate viable count. Each vegetarian capsule contains 42 billion viable cells at time of manufacture and at least 31 billion viable cells at expiry. Inside is offering readers the chance to win one of two.







Digest Gold
Digest Gold represents the most effective enzyme supplement on the market, with enzymes for protein, fat, carbohydrate and fibre digestion. One capsule of Digest Gold per meal is typically sufficient to address common digestive complaints, such as indigestion, bloating and wind. This best-selling digestive enzyme formula is supercharged with ATPro technology. This proprietary combination of ATP, CoQ10, magnesium citrate and alpha lipoic acid promotes nutrient absorption, improves HCl availability and decreases the energy demand of the digestive processes. Inside is offering readers the chance of winning one of six tubs of Digest Gold (90 capsules).




DigestMORE Ultra
Stop heartburn, uncomfortable gas and bloating with DigestMORE Ultra Strength digestive enzymes. Containing 14 plant-based enzymes and anti-inflammatory ginger, DigestMORE Ultra Strength is the strongest enzyme in the UK and formulated to offer ultimate support for acid reflux, heartburn, GORD, and chronic digestive issues. Inside has teamed up with digestive health experts, Renew Life, to offer readers the chance of winning one of five DigestMORE Ultra Strength enzymes (RRP £33.99).





Biome Restoration’s
If you are inspired to replenish your biome, Inside has 50 samples of Biome Restoration’s helminths – Nutribiome Plus – to give away. Biome Restoration produces Nutribiome Plus following strict quality control procedures in its dedicated laboratory. If you’re a winner, you will receive a tiny vial of nearly-microscopic HDC in a clear liquid, which supports them during transport. They are really easy to take too – simply drink the vial of liquid.







Natures Aid
Natures Aid Pro-30 Max is a super strength daily probiotic containing eight strains of bacteria. Each daily capsule contains a guaranteed 30 billion live organisms, using eight extensively researched strains of bacteria, including four strains of Lactobacillus. The capsules have been micro-encapsulated to enhance stability and to guarantee 30 billion bacteria per capsule at the end of shelf life. Each pot contains 30 capsules with an RRP of £16.95. Inside has five pots to give away.





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