If lockdown has done anything, it seems it has encouraged the nation to get more creative in the kitchen.

In fact, new research from Samsung has revealed that almost half (47 per cent) of Brits agree that they are currently cooking more than usual, with 49 per cent baking more cakes.

When it comes to cuisines, Brits still favour home comforts, with 66 per cent saying they are cooking more traditional recipes, while 53 per cent are also cooking more Italian food and 32 per cent more Indian. And the good news is that three quarters (75 per cent) of those cooking more hope to keep it up in the future.

To keep you motivated, 2019’s Great British Bake-off winner, David Atherton, commented: “I think that cooking and baking is something that lots of people want to do more of, but it is difficult to find the time. In recent weeks, that has clearly changed, so I’m not surprised that people are doing more of it.

“Cooking is also a fantastic thing to turn to when you need a distraction, whether it’s an elaborate cake or flavoursome meal, because the art of cooking can be totally absorbing. Personally, I find it helps me to escape from reality and get some much-needed headspace. It’s also something you can get really creative with, plus it has a tangible result – when your food comes out the oven you get a real sense of achievement, as though you’ve done something productive with your time.”


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