This year has seen more of a return to buying and supporting local producers, and a new competition is here to celebrate that.

To mark this year’s British Food Fortnight, taking place from September 19, top chef, Raymond Blanc, is leading a competition asking communities, businesses, schools, retailers, pubs, restaurants caterers, hospitals, care homes and universities to join him in showing their love for British food.

This competition is open to everyone who has been involved in an uplifting gesture or activity that has British food at its heart. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Send a neighbour or friend some British fruit or vegetables lovingly produced from your own garden or bought from your local shop or farm.
  • Produce a well-loved family recipe using at least one British ingredient.
  • Cook a dish for someone who has been through a difficult time using British produce.
  • Take part in a British Food Fortnight celebration event in your community, or help to organise one.
  • Make heart shaped biscuits or cakes using British ingredients.
  • Send pictures of a hard-working local farmer harvesting crops and tell his story.
  • Children – get them involved in an activity that includes British food – could be school activity, home or at a local farm.

The person or group who has shown the most inspirational take on British food and drink will win the British Food Fortnight 2020 trophy and a super selection of British food and drink treats.

Raymond explained: “It is incredibly important people understand and appreciate how and where their food comes from. The theme for this year’s competition ‘Sharing our love of British Food’ is perfect as this year we have rediscovered how important it is to buy and support our local producers. I would like to see many entries coming in from people sharing their love, either with food being cooked and shared with their neighbours, or children sharing their love of British food in their schools. There are so many ways you can take part.”

Entering is easy, all you have to do is ‘share your love during British Food Fortnight’ take plenty of photos and post them on your social media sites if you can. Visit for more information.


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