We can all feel a little cranky from time to time, but with a few simple holistic changes, you can ensure your mood stays in balance.

Dr Marilyn Glenville, leading Nutritionist and author of Natural Alternatives to Sugar, highlighted the importance of eating right, recommending:
“Eat little and often so that your moods are not being affected by a roller coaster of blood sugar highs and lows.”

B vitamins are also crucial for mood, with Nutritionist and Fitness Instructor, Cassandra Barns, pointing out: “B6, B12 and folate are crucial nutrients for a natural daily chemical process called methylation. The outcome of this process is the balancing of the neurotransmitters, dopamine and adrenalin, which are involved in mood regulation. This is why these three nutrients are required for normal psychological function.”

And try to make light of things too, with Dr Glenville advising: “Having a laugh is one of the best remedies for stress and low mood – it triggers healthy changes in our body. Many studies show that laughter boosts our energy, decreases stress hormones, improves immunity and diminishes pain. But what’s very important for anyone, who is stressed or feeling down, is that laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the natural feel-good chemicals that make us happier and relaxed.”

Be active too, in whichever way suits you.

“Ultimately, your mood reflects your thinking and state of mind, so a quick fix is easier if you do something that stops you thinking your negative thoughts. This can include seeing a friend, doing something nice for someone else, watching something funny on TV, or engaging your mind in any other activity. This is another reason why exercise can be helpful too, especially going to an exercise class or doing a type of exercise where you have to focus on the movements,” Cassandra explained.