A new poll has revealed that almost a quarter of young British females (24 per cent) don’t like the way they look.

Furthermore, as many as 43 per cent say they only feel attractive if they are wearing make-up, while 29 per cent have cancelled evenings out with friends as they felt self-conscious.

A staggering 62 per cent believe the pressure to look good is now unbearable, with 48 per cent saying social media makes them feel unattractive, compared to others. Meanwhile, nearly 50 per cent said scrolling through images online makes them feel low, while 23 per cent says it makes them feel worthless.

Martin Rae, CEO at CLOUD NINE, which commissioned the poll of British females, commented: “We were shocked to see just how many young British women are suffering from a crisis in confidence when it comes to their looks. We are concerned that the beauty industry is having a negative effect on women everywhere and that’s why we’re taking a stand. We want to encourage women of all ages to embrace their natural look and feel confident in themselves. Our Be Kind Collection raises much needed funds for Mind, helping people suffering from a whole range of mental health issues.”

Emma Ihsan, Head of Corporate Partnerships at Mind, added: “The money will go to help Mind’s services, which are more vital than ever at the moment. These include Infoline which provides confidential information and advice about mental health, and the campaigning we do to ensure that the one in four of us who experience a mental health problem each year get a better deal.”

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