Rio Rosa Mosqueta, part of the Rio Amazon Collection, produces 100% natural organic skincare using carefully selected natural ingredients and organic plant extracts sustainably sourced from South America.

All of their skincare products are formulated with pure Chilean rosehip seed oil, which in clinical trials has been shown to have a 90% success rate for treating scars and minor skin problems, so when I was given the chance to try out some of their products on my own skin, I was really excited to see if they made a difference.

Cream Cleanser £8.95 100ml cleanser

This silky cream cleanser packs a real plant-based punch. Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Babassu Butter nourish and moisturise while Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Horsetail leave skin feeling soothed and refreshed. Of course, this product also contains rosehip seed oil, which is said to help fight signs of ageing and keep skin looking healthy and balanced.

I found that the best way to apply the cleanser was with the Face Cleansing Hot Cloth, using the instructions provided:

Apply the cleanser to your face by gently massaging over dry skin in upward circular motions. Run the face cloth under hot water, wring out and place over your face to open pores and relax. Remove the cleanser with the face cloth.

I really like using the hot cloth as part of the cleansing routine – it felt like having a spa steam and left my face feeling soft and super-clean. I also got into the habit of splashing cold water on my face afterwards, to cool the skin and close pores.

Skin Brightening Exfoliator £8.95 100ml exfoliator

An exfoliating product that doesn’t use ocean-polluting plastic microbeads – hooray! Instead, the Skin Brightening Exfoliator uses bamboo powder and hydrated silica to gently cleanse and polish, lifting away dead skin cells and impurities.

I can’t express just how much I love this product. The scrub is gentle enough to not irritate the skin at all, but you can really feel it working. The product is also formulated with Avocado, rich in nutrients that nourish dry skin and accelerate new cell generation, and Shea Butter, which soothes dryness, replenishes natural oils and improves the skin’s elasticity.

You only need to use this product once or twice a week after cleansing, as you reap the benefits instantly. My skin was practically glowing, and felt completely smooth to the touch.

Anti-Ageing Day & Night Cream £14.99 50ml cream

This product really is the pièce de résistance. The Anti-Ageing Day & Night Cream is formulated to protect skin from harmful UVA radiation during the day, while nourishing, hydrating and repairing it while you sleep.

Along with the Chilean rosehip seed oil, this creamy moisturiser contains Red Alga to act as a natural UVA filter, Shea Butter and Calendula to soothe and reduce signs of ageing, Coconut to soften the skin and protect from dehydration, and White Tea extract – which is full of antioxidants that protect and prevent harmful oxidative damage.

Firstly, I loved the packaging of this product. On all of Rio’s products, the boxes and tubes inside feature a lovely design and are really nicely put together. Inside, the day & night cream comes in a small round pot with a twist-off lid and a layer of foil to protect any product from escaping. The cream itself is indulgently thick and silky, with a slightly oily texture.

For application, the Anti-Ageing Day & Night Cream comes with a small spatula, which allows you to scoop up just the right amount of product (use sparingly – you don’t need much at all). I tap it into my skin gently twice a day, applying in particular to the edge of my eyes to try and combat the dreaded emergence of crows-feet. It spreads really easily allowing for even coverage, and soaks into skin nicely without leaving you feeling dewy (if you don’t use too much).

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with all three products, which complement one another perfectly. I have now been using these products regularly for over two months, and each looks practically unused – so they are really long-lasting, making them fantastic value for money.

After seeing the positive effects these products have had on my complexion, I will definitely keep them as part of my everyday routine – I loved them so much, I’ve even decided to order Rio Rosa Mosqueta’s rosehip seed oil in pure form.

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