Our lives have all changed in recent weeks as we adjust to life under lockdown but one of the most important factors that shouldn’t fall by the wayside is your hydration.

Many workers across the UK are working from home, and for many, this means our dining table has become our new desk, our families have become our new colleagues, and new drinking and snacking habits and routines are being established.

Adopting a healthy diet is particularly important while working from home to keep up energy and concentration levels, and it’s more important than ever to stay healthy and hydrated. And with this in mind, the experts at water filtration brand, Aqua Optima, have explained how best you can stay hydrated as part of your ‘working from home’ day.

  • Refreshment breaks are essential: Take a tea or coffee break in the morning and afternoon – not only will this help fuel your body and keep you hydrated, it also helps you to take some well-needed ‘me time’. Filtered water is ideal when making a hot drink, as it improves the flavour and softens the tap water, reducing the scale forming minerals. Use your tea break to host video calls with family and friends and take some time for human interaction.
  • Leave ‘note to self’ tips around the house: Adjusting to our ‘new normal’ will take time, and it’s easy to forget to drink enough when settling into a new routine. Leave notes on your desk and even around the house as a reminder to have a glass of water or set an alarm to make sure you have a drink every couple of hours. This will help keep concentration up and headaches away.
  • Keep it chilled: Everyone should be drinking at least two litres of fluid per day and it’s easier to do this when water tastes good and is chilled. Try using a water filter jug, which is a cheaper long-term investment than bottled water and can be kept in the fridge to keep the water cold and refreshing all day.
  • Keep everyone happy and hydrated: If you’re making a drink, also make one for others in your household to keep the full working from home team happy and hydrated.
  • Mix it up with fruit cordials and herbal teas: Mix your drinks up throughout the day to keep things interesting. There are lots of fruit cordials and various types of teas to choose from, including green, herbal and yellow – now could be the time to try new flavours and encourage yourself to stay hydrated.

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