As we head towards the New Year, many people will be thinking of shedding the pounds – but it is important you do it safely.

Nutritionist at Lifeplan, Julie Lamble, offers her advice on choosing the right supplement to support your New Year fitness campaign.

“Firstly, start with a natural supplement. There are so many effective natural ingredients on the market, you don’t need to rely on pharmaceutical slimming aids or anything that includes unnatural stimulants that will speed up your metabolism. These aren’t good to use on a long-term basis

and sometimes they can have a counter-active effect as soon as you stop taking them,” she said.

Among the supplements Julie advised, there is garçinia, a citrus fruit rich in hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which can boost the metabolism, breaking down fat and also prevent it from being laid down into storage in our cells.

And remember chromium too, which helps to control blood sugar levels, thereby not making us feel hungry all the time.