If you live in Liverpool, you are likely to be among the fittest in the UK.

It has been named the fittest city in the UK, followed by Manchester and London, while Sheffield came in as the least fit.

The survey, carried out by training and course provider, Beabetteryou.com, found that Scousers work out more than those in any other city in the UK, with 71 per cent of locals claiming to exercise at least once per week.

Manchester and London followed in second and third place, with 66 per cent and 65 per cent of each cities residents hitting the gym at least once a week.

Just 19 per cent of residents in Sheffield got active at least once a week.

However, while 77 per cent of Liverpool residents claim to be careful when it comes to their diet, it is Manchester which leads the way in the nutrition stakes, with 85 per cent of locals saying they are careful about what they eat.