Learn more about the relationship between your gut and your brain with the help of a new journal.

My Tummy Diary has been created by blogger and influencer, Lottie Drynan, who has penned a resource packed journal designed to help you improve your gut health.

Lottie, also known as The Tummy Diaries on social media, is known for sharing honest photos and insights about living with bloating and IBS flare-ups, which has led to a hugely popular #mybloatedwardrobe hashtag. Used by thousands of women, the hashtag encourages the sharing of outfits and fashion tips that make you feel confident and comfortable, even when bloated.

My Tummy Diary is Lottie’s brainchild to further raise awareness of the gut-brain connection, helping people understand how they can better control their IBS, flare-ups and general gut health. The 240-page resource packed undated diary has been accredited by a number of top registered dietitians and health professionals and takes a 360-degree approach towards your health and lifestyle.

Lottie explained: “I talk to so many people on a daily basis who are struggling with a gut health issue and feel completely lost with no idea how they can start feeling better. Launching My Tummy Diary feels like a really positive next step in giving others the tools to gain a better understanding of their body.

“With one in five of us in the UK living with IBS, and 86 per cent of UK adults having suffered with some form of gastrointestinal problem in one year, many of us are looking for strategies to help us move towards a happier tummy and improved quality of life; and that’s exactly what My Tummy Diary is designed to do.”

Kaitlin Colucci, Registered Dietitian specialising in IBS and complex gastrointestinal disorders, and contributor of the journal, added: “My Tummy Diary is a fantastic self-help guide to get you looking at your gut health in more detail. Keeping a journal can help you gain control of what might be triggering your symptoms and create a bit of order in what may seem like a chaotic life!”


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