Spotify has revealed the top workout music trends
for 2018.

With the arrival of a new year, listeners will often turn to music to help them achieve their best selves. With more than 25 million workout playlists created by Spotify users, here are the top tracks and trends providing inspiration to kickstart fitness regimes.

For the second year in a row, Eminem’s Till I Collapse is the most streamed workout song globally, while another of his hits, Lose Yourself, also reaches the top five.

In the UK, MKs hit song, 17, takes the top spot for most streamed workout song. Dua Lipa, along with Post Malone’s hit Rockstar, also makes the charts.

In keeping with the enthusiasm for jump-starting each new year with a dedicated workout plan, listening data reveals that streaming of workout playlists increases right after January 1 and reaches its peak around January 24. After that, the number of workout playlists streamed subsides and levels off on February 14.

Those looking to try something new in 2018 might want to pay attention to some less traditional trending workouts. Aqua cycling playlists jumped 86 per cent in the last year, brew yoga playlists (yes, yoga practiced in breweries) went up 137 per cent, and music for an entirely new workout entered the ring; goat yoga (yes, yoga practiced with a pygmy goat on your back!).

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