Never been has vitamin D been so in the spotlight with our levels naturally lower in the winter, not to mention research being underway to examine if it can reduce our risk of Covid-19.

In fact, at this time of year, we should all be supplementing with vitamin D, but do enough of us know about its importance?

According to the natural health brand, BetterYou, Brits have declared that broadcast media, followed by print and social media, have been the most influential for their vitamin D awareness.

BetterYou conducted a survey of 3,000 people to understand the current status of vitamin D awareness amongst Brits, finding that over two thirds (67 per cent) said that based upon their current knowledge, they know what vitamin D is, how to get it, and how it is important to human health. Still, 65 per cent confess to relying on sunlight for their vitamin D and just a fifth (20 per cent) think they could spot the signs of deficiency. Additionally, almost three quarters (72 per cent) admit to never testing their vitamin D levels.

Of those that think they would know if they had insufficient levels of vitamin D, 43 per cent named feeling tired as a sign. This is followed by poor muscle strength and low mood, and 64 per cent of people think optimal vitamin D levels are important to keep immune defences strong and whilst 48 per cent state that they’re likely to supplement the nutrient to support immunity, less than a fifth (18 per cent) recognise frequent coughs and colds as a sign of deficiency – a typical symptom of seasonally low levels.

Andrew Thomas, Founder and Managing Director at BetterYou, commented: “It’s encouraging that we continue to see vitamin D being discussed in the media at a time when national health has never been more important. However, our research shows that there are still strides to be made to ensure that the British public confidently know who should be supplementing, how much and what levels are optimal.

“We appear to be approaching a critical time for consumer spending, with 59 per cent of people claiming to buy the most supplements between November and February. With effective supplementation available from as little at six pence per day, now, more than ever, the natural health industry has a responsibility to champion vitamin D awareness and provide consumers with the tools they need to make highly educated choices for optimal health and wellbeing.”

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