Weleda is celebrating this year as it’s 90 years ago that the brand launched their iconic product Skin Food. It’s Weleda’s number one selling skincare product in the UK, and has won 23 awards in the past decade in the UK alone. Once an industry beauty secret, it has now become a firm favourite for high-profile celebrities and the public.

Weleda have recently just launched a brand new fragrance range too, available in three different scents ‘Agrume’, ‘Rose’ and ‘Grenade’, inspired by the fragrances of their leadplant ranges; seabuckthorn (Agrume), wild rose (Rose) and pomegranate (Grenade). They are all made from natural ingredients, and use natural essential oils for an authentic smell.

So I’ve reviewed them both- I’ve put Weleda’s most iconic beauty product to the test and tried one of their newest products. Read on to discover how they stood up to the scrutiny!

Skin Food £2.25 10ml / £6.95 30ml / £9.95 75ml

‘Weleda Skin Food is a whole body cream for everyday care of dry and rough skin at any age. Formulated with plant extracts of viola, chamomile and calendula traditionally used to soothe the skin it helps restore smoothness after everyday surface damage.’

I am pleased to say that Skin Food surpassed my already-high 3_EDexpectations. Recommended for areas that are especially dry, such as hands, feet and elbows, I decided to put it to the test against all three places.

I squeezed the tube on to my hand for first inspections; I was surprised that Skin Food has a slight yellow-tint and was delighted with the uplifting smell, offering hints of lemon and rosemary. It’s a thick consistency but surprisingly it rubs in easily and doesn’t leave an oily residue. Once rubbed in it almost feels like a balm and leaves my skin instantly soft and smooth, and most importantly, super moisturised and hydrated. I had the same experience when applying it to my elbows and feet, and six hours later all three body parts still feel silky smooth and moisturised!

Skin Food contains no synthetic fragrances, colourants, preservatives or raw materials from minerals; it’s dermatologically tested and made from 100% certified natural ingredients. Its highly moisturising effect is due to the nourishing plant oils and waxes it contains- including almond oil, sunflower oil and beeswax.4_ED

It also contains organic plant extracts, including chamomile- known for its gentle healing and anti-inflammatory properties; wild pansy- particularly good for rough or cracked skin, it helps keep skin soft and supple; calendula- known for its soothing and healing effects on irritated and inflamed skin, also antibacterial; and rosemary leaf- traditional used for its restorative properties, helps to stimulate and revitalise skin.

It’s a fantastic versatile product, apply it to any dry spots that crop up and regularly apply it to those problem areas that are prone to dryness. I also love the fact that it comes in three different sizes, all fulfilling different purposes- 75ml to keep at home, 30ml is the perfect handbag size and 10ml for travel and use in-flight.

Rose Jardin de Vie £19.95 50ml

‘Discover the garden of life. Jardin de Vie Rose is inspired by the fragrance of our Wild Rose skin care range, beckoning you into a heavenly scented garden of beauty and harmony.’

The very first thing to strike me is how beautiful the bottle is, it’s not a fancy-2_ED (1)2shaped bottle but I adore the bold colours that cleverly blend together in ombre style- starting with a bright sunny yellow, merging into a deep pinky-red. It screams summer.

As you can probably tell from my half filled bottle I adore the scent, I’ve been using it every single day since receiving it. It’s a wonderful floral fragrance that hits you with notes of fresh-scented rose, geranium and exotic ylang-ylang blossoms, accompanied with a slightly spicy kick.

It’s certainly a romantic and luxurious scent, and the perfect feminine fragrance. If you’re a fan of the Weleda rose products, you will absolutely adore it.

The entire natural perfume range is 100% natural made from essential oils and certified by NATRUE. The collection is inspired by the fresh scents of a walk in the garden, so they are the perfect go-to perfumes for summer.

Each bottle is only £19.95, so a big bonus is how affordable they are too!


What’s your favourite Weleda product?