‘Our tinted lip balms leave a subtle gloss on your lips. Their gentle shimmer perfectly fits to women looking for a silky touch of colour. For natural looking tinted lips. The creamy-light lip care with a hint of colour and a subtle sheen enhances the natural beauty of your lips. Organic shea butter and organic jojoba oil leave your lips smooth and soft.’

Weleda recently launched a brand new range of tinted lip balms – a first for the company, who have never produced tinted lip balms before. Being a big fan of Weleda’s products, I couldn’t wait to try them!

The natural beauty brand say the balms are designed to bring out the natural beauty of the lips, and of course as with Weleda’s other products, they are certified by NATRUE.

The new range features three natural springtime shades – nude, rose and berry red – which feature mineral pigments and natural ingredients to provide a subtle hint of colour and shimmer.

The packaging is eye-catching with delicate flower
drawings and each one features the colour of the lip balm itself. With other products, this is often misleading – nothing is more annoying when you buy a new lipstick to find the colour is completely different to the colour shown on the packaging! I am thrilled to confirm that the colours match perfectly.

I also like the fact that when you flip the box over, there is an outline of the product itself – which shows you the size of the product inside. So no disappoint there either! You know exactly what you’re paying for.

I’m impressed by each one; they offer a subtle pop of colour but feel oh-so nourishing. The balms are creamy and glossy in consistency and have a light texture; they glide on evenly and easily across the lips with no stickiness. My lips instantly feel soft, smooth and moisturised.

My favourite shade is berry red; it offers a sheer raspberry red colour that leaves my lips looking ‘just bitten’. The rose shade offers a delicate blush pink that has a slight shimmer, leaving my lips looking naturally with a rosy-lips shine. The nude offers a barely-there tint that leaves a light shimmer. Not only do they look good, they all smell good too – all three are naturally scented with pure essential oils, offering a scent of delicate rose petals and sweet vanilla.

All three lip balms are made from nourishing cold-pressed plant oils and protective vegetable waxes, which are vegan and eco friendly. Ingredients include organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil, fair-trade organic shea butter and vegetable wax made from sunflower seeds. All of which soften, smooth and lock-in moisture.

They are versatile too, as make-up artist Maria Samuel has pointed out, you can dab them on the upper cheekbone as a dewy highlighter or layer them on top of a lip stain or lipstick to give them added shimmer.

All three balms are available now on the Weleda website, in neat 10ml tubes which are perfect pocket size and suitable for hand-luggage, for only £6.95 each. Want all three? You can also buy the Lip Balm Gift Set which includes the whole range and an eco-friendly make-up bag.




What’s your favourite Weleda product?