New research has revealed that getting out in the garden is beneficial for wellbeing and relaxation.

According to the Happiness Study, by gardening tool brand Fiskars, almost 90 per cent of gardeners surveyed believe that gardening improves their wellbeing more than yoga, and 80 per cent consider tending to their garden to be better for them than meditation. In addition, 80 per cent of garden enthusiasts said that gardening relieves their feelings of stress and anxiety, and 90 per cent also saw it as a good way to keep fit.

As getting outdoors has become a way of escaping our busy lives, Fiskars is encouraging us to invest our time in the mentally healing activity of gardening, offering some hints and tips to help get your garden in tip-top condition:

  • Try and keep your lawn trim and tidy throughout the summer. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping an attractive lawn so it can remain green and luscious, whatever the weather!
  • The most common cause of dying plants is a lack of water, so when the weather is hot, make sure you use the right amount of water on plants and flowers.
  • It’s not only plants that can often struggle in hot and dry weather, so if you’re working in the sun, ensure you take regular breaks and drink lots of water and try to work in the shade if possible.

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