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A.Vogel Venagel
A.Vogel has teamed up with Natural Lifestyle to offer readers the chance to win one of 20 packs of Venagel Horse Chestnut gel. Made from extracts of fresh horse chestnut, Venagel helps soothe tired, aching legs, providing cooling relief to legs that feel weary, heavy and uncomfortable – fantastic after a night out or a day’s shopping. It is also useful for long journeys and can be used during pregnancy (RRP Venagel 100ml £9.99).




Salt of the Earth Roll-on Deodorant
Salt of the Earth’s award-winning, unscented natural deodorant spray is now available as a roll-on. With a new formula that includes nourishing magnesium oil, this unisex roll on deodorant is 100 per cent natural and provides long-lasting protection from body odour. Unlike traditional antiperspirants, which block the skin’s pores, Salt of the Earth inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria – no nasty chemicals and no white marks! Approved by the Vegetarian and Vegan Societies, Natural Lifestyle is offering readers the chance of winning one of five.




Natracare Cleansing Make-Up Removal Wipes
Unlike conventional wipes, Natracare’s Cleansing Make-Up Removal Wipes are made from only the best certified organic and natural ingredients, making them incredibly gentle on your skin. Infused with the organic essential oils of apricot and chamomile, with added organic aloe vera, these wipes leave your skin cleansed, soothingly moisturised and refreshed naturally. The soft and strong organic cotton cloth is gentle but effective, removing even waterproof mascara and lipstick. Natural Lifestyle is offering readers the change to win one of five packs.




Solaray Fermented Chaga Mushrooms
Solaray organically grown mushrooms are 100 per cent vegan, excipient free and contain no fillers or additional ingredients. The organic mushroom, mycelium biomass, is cultured on organic gluten free whole oats and then fermented. Fermentation breaks down and frees nutrients, allowing the body maximum adsorption. Just pure organically grown wholesome healthy mushrooms to support optimal health. Natural Lifestyle is offering readers the chance of winning one of three pots.




BetterYou sleep bundle 
Perfect your night-time routine with BetterYou MagnesiumOil Goodnight Spray and Magnesium Flakes. Wind down with a magnesium-rich bath, followed by direct application of the Goodnight Spray to aid muscle cramping and stiffness and combat disruptive sleep patterns. When sprayed directly onto the skin, the magnesium absorbs immediately. Supplementing this hero mineral through the skin is proven to absorb five times faster than traditional digestive methods. Natural Lifestyle is offering readers the chance to win one of five BetterYou sleep bundles.



OmegaBrite high concentrate omega 3 was developed by Dr Locke while on faculty at Harvard Medical School. OmegaBrite has a specific 7:1 EPA to DHA ratio. Only OmegaBrite provides 70 per cent EPA (eicosapentanoic acid), nature’s anti-inflammatory nutrient that is essential for health. All of the fish oil goes through advanced distillation and nitrogen blanketing for highest purity and protection from oxidation. Natural Lifestyle is offering readers the chance of winning one of two 60 count OmegaBrite boxes. See opposite page to enter.


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