BetterYou Vitamin D3000 Oral Spray
Daylight-saving time and the arrival of British summertime may be the green light for longer, lighter days but the onset of spring – following the dark winter months – is when our body’s vitamin D stores are at their lowest. Don’t let a vitamin D deficiency add to your worries during this time. Optimise your wellbeing with BetterYou’s pill-free Vitamin D3000 Oral Spray – a great-tasting, effective and convenient alternative to traditional supplements. Natural Lifestyle is offering readers the chance of winning one of 10.

A.Vogel Immune Support Tablets
Natural Lifestyle has teamed up with A.Vogel to give 15 readers the chance to try its Immune Support Tablets. Immune Support is a dietary supplement containing zinc, vegan vitamin D and vitamin C, which all contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. This once-a-day dosage is useful during spells of sickness. Suitable for ages 12-plus (RRP £12.50).

Viridian Brain Support Multi
Natural Lifestyle has teamed up with Viridian Nutrition to offer readers the chance of winning one of five Brain Support Multi, a specific multivitamin and mineral formulation featuring a blend of 22 nutrients, including supportive vitamins to promote brain health and function. Includes iodine, iron and zinc, which all contribute to normal cognitive function, and contains 100 per cent active ingredients, is vegan, never GMO, palm oil-free and against animal testing.

We Love The Planet pack
Natural Lifestyle is offering readers the chance of winning one of five of the newest vegan additions to the We Love The Planet range. Readers can win a new zero-waste deodorant stick and the new Suncare Stick SPF 20! We Love The Planet was created out of love and passion for our planet and the brand thinks it is extremely important to know what raw materials are in a product and where it comes from. Formulated with 100 per cent natural and organic ingredients, 100 per cent recyclable packaging and zero waste.

Good Health Naturally immune bundle
Good Health Naturally’s immune bundle offers you effective year-round support, aiding respiratory health and much more. Includes CureC Liposomal C (1000mg) with Quercetin (175mg), in improved recyclable packaging, plus high potency vitamin D3 tablets (4000iu) in an eco-friendly pouch. Natural Lifestyle has five bundles to give away, worth £44.

Natracare plastic-free period set
Natural Lifestyle is offering readers the chance of winning one of five plastic-free period sets from organic and natural period care brand, Natracare. Natracare has been making period products that are kinder to our bodies and the planet since 1989. Made from soft organic cotton and plant-based materials, the products make you feel comfortably protected without the unnecessary plastic or harsh chemicals. Each set contains one pack of applicator tampons regular, one pack of ultra extra super pads, and one pack of curved panty liners.

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