NutraTea bundle
Natural Lifestyle has teamed up with NutraTea to offer readers the chance of winning one of two bundles comprising three of its unique herbal blends: NutraVision, NutraLust, and NutraJoint. NutraTea specialises in herbal remedy teas that have been formulated by pharmacists and nutritionists to target specific health issues. Utilising 100 per cent natural and active botanicals that have been sustainably sourced worldwide, each tea bag can be reused up to three times throughout the day.

Provacan CBD
Holiday season always stirs up a lot of mixed emotions and that’s without mentioning the January blues. This year, you can sail through it with the Provacan CBD Premium Gold range by your side. There to support you at every step, Provacan is one of the UK’s most established CBD brands, powered by cannabis healthcare company, CiiTECH. And Natural Lifestyle is offering readers the chance of winning one of three bundles, each containing one Premium Gold CBD Oil 600mg, one Premium Gold CBD Balm 300mg and one Premium Gold CBD Gummies 100mg.

Time Health Premium Saffron Complex
More than just a spice, saffron acts as a relaxant and is popular for its ability to improve mood and sleep, while helping to relieve symptoms of stress. Affron saffron is widely regarded as some of the highest quality in the world, having undergone three separate clinical studies that demonstrate its positive benefits. Time Heath’s formula is boosted with choline, quercetin and omega 3 for additional cognitive support. Free from additives, Natural Lifestyle is offering readers the chance of winning one of five.

Natural Health Practice Advanced Liver Support
Advanced Liver Support is a unique combination of 24 nutrients and herbs to help you restore your liver health, improve detoxification and support the effects of alcohol withdrawal. Your liver is the major waste disposal unit of your body, not only for toxins, waste products, drugs and alcohol. It includes milk thistle, artichoke and dandelion and Natural Lifestyle is offering readers the chance of winning one of 10.

Gut Works is DR.VEGAN’s advanced formula of clinically studied gut-friendly bacteria (pre and probiotics) providing daily support for your gut, digestion and immune health, and relieving symptoms of IBS. Gut Works combines six strains at their optimal levels, providing 50bn CFU, including Lactobacillus acidophilus, Casei, rhamnosus, Plantarum, Bifidobacterium and Streptococcus, with inulin and psyllium husk, making it the go-to daily supplement for optimal gut health. Natural Lifestyle is offering readers the chance of winning one of five. See page 30 to enter.

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