If you need some support and motivation to take your wellbeing and fitness goals to the next level, try out Revoola.

Said to be the UK’s first app to offer a one-stop-shop for mind and body fitness and wellbeing classes on-demand, it will also offer the ability to measure and manage the quality of mindfulness and body fitness activities completed.

Users can choose to do classes individually or schedule group classes and one-to-one challenges with friends and family. The app also features ‘open workouts’, enabling users to measure the effort they put into their own body fitness activities (for example, running, walking and riding), as well as the more conventional metrics, such as distance, time, heart-rate, calories and elevation.

Revoola is a comprehensive, interactive mindfulness and body fitness app offering hundreds of instructor-led mindfulness activities and body fitness classes available 24/7 and a system that measures effort and quality of activity not performance with the Revoola Effort Value (REV), an algorithm measuring the effort (from zero to 100) put into each activity. Developed in conjunction with sports scientists, it focuses on the amount of effort a user puts into an activity.

There is also the Revoola Mind Score (RMS), which quantifies levels of relaxation and mindfulness, as well as the ability to sync contacts, exercise with friends or individually in ‘real-time/anytime’, create groups with colleagues, friends and family, schedule activities together, and set up challenges.

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