New research has revealed that a third of young Brits are suffering with constipation, yet one in five don’t actually know the cause.

The results of the poll, from kefir brand, The Collective, reveals that more work needs to be done on educating British youngsters on how to maintain good gut health, which was found to be a priority for 86 per cent of them.

It was also revealed that the 18-34 age group are visiting their GP for stomach problems more than any other age group in the UK. In the past three years alone, millennials have visited the doctors six times.

While a quarter (25 per cent) of 18-34 -year-olds are aware of the term ‘gut health’, 37 per cent believe that probiotics are a quick and easy way to maintain good gut health. Along with this, 41 per cent say that reducing stress can be a helpful factor, compared to only 16 per cent who recognise the strength of fermented foods like kefir.

The research also proved that older is, in fact wiser, with 71 per cent of the over 65s recognising the importance of hydration and high fibre foods (70 per cent), compared to just 40 per cent of those aged 18-34. That being said, 40 per cent of millennials have placed a lot more importance on their long-term health recently, compared to just 19 per cent of over 65s.


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