‘JASON’s virgin, organic coconut oil is a perfect, all-purpose moisturiser. Rich in nourishing vitamin E and antioxidant polyphenols, this melts-at-first-touch oil delivers unparalleled care to your skin and hair. Can be used for skincare and haircare – and even in the kitchen.’

Coconut oil has become one of the most talked about natural beauty products. Its popularity is down to the simple fact that it is so versatile! JASON’s Smoothing Coconut Oil is an all-purpose moisturiser, and the company says it delivers unparalleled care to both hair and skin.

As soon as I opened the tub the sweet smell of coconut hit my nostrils and instantly I wanted to lather it all over my body! I dipped the tip of my fingers in and scooped a small amount, and it really does melt at first touch! It instantly melted in my fingers and turned into a smooth, silky oil.

I was impressed and decided to smother my skin from top-to-toe before hopping in bed. When I woke my skin felt beautifully moisturised, the oil had sunk into my skin and left it deeply nourished. This nightly ritual soon became an obsession and before I knew it I had been using the coconut oil every single night for over a month.

My skin had never felt so good before, and I can honestly say that it is now part of my everyday skin routine.

During this month of having cocoloco skin I also trialled it in on my hair. First of all I brushed my hair to make sure it was knot-free, I then scooped the coconut oil in my fingers to melt it and then ran it through the ends of my hair. I was surprised by how easy it was, I then sat and watched TV whilst letting it soak into my ends. After 30 minutes I washed it out and then went to bed with my wet hair.

When I woke I had silky smooth locks and my hair felt healthier and looked shinier. It was also, as JASON promised, deeply moisturised.

Now, I have to admit I was worried about putting coconut oil in my hair. I had heard horror stories from friends who had attempted it before, and woken to find big clumps of the oil still stuck in their hair. From my experience, I can only assume that the problem had been down to the fact that the coconut oil had not melted before they applied it. With JASON’s coconut oil, I can promise you will never have this issue- thanks to melting instantly with a touch of a finger tip!

I soon became a coconut addict, I was applying coconut oil every night to my skin and once a week applied the oil to my hair. I wondered if there was anything else I could use it for, and then one day my lip balm ran out. I was about to pop to the shop to pick up another and then I thought- could I use coconut oil instead? It moisturises everything else, so surely?!

I decided to fill my empty pot with a scoop of coconut oil. I made sure that when I applied it to my lips I only used a very small amount, I simply dabbed the tip of my finger into it. I did not want oil running off my lips! After using it for seven days I was converted! Lip balms are no longer needed.

So overall, JASON’s Smoothing Coconut Oil has been fantastic! It really is as versatile as they say; use it on your face, body and hair. You can even use it to replace your lip balm! My skin has never looked so plumped and nourished before, and my hair is so healthy. The best part is- I still have half a pot left!

So the already affordable price of £11.99 really is worth it. It’s an absolute steal in my opinion!


What’s your favourite coconut oil?

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