With the nation upping its exercise routine during lockdown, we should be thinking about the impact this could have on our feet.

Leading Podiatrist, Zoe Wilson, has reported higher incidence of foot and ankle trauma as we take part in more activity, and she has issued a warning for extra care.

“With the nation currently under another restrictive ‘lockdown’, Brits have taken to increasing their activity, a good thing of course, but with more exercise being undertaken at home and in the great outdoors, we are seeing a much higher number of patients who are increasing activity and incidence of overuse injuries,” Zoe explained. “An increase in activity and frequency can result in new aches and pains that should never be ignored.”

Zoe, who established her Kendal-based Z.W. Foot and Ankle in 2017, and has created a series of eco-friendly, natural footcare products, offered her advice on avoiding injury.

“If you have started running or walking recently, it is so important to start slowly and gradually build activity so as not to exacerbate the body’s capabilities – unique to each individual,” she advised. “Pain isn’t normal, so if foot or lower limb pain persists, it is advisable to seek medical assistance from a Podiatrist or Physiotherapist who can, for example, prescribe a strength and stretching programme that can be undertaken at home, offer advice on footwear and prescribe insoles to assist the lower limb during activity.

“Wearing the appropriate footwear is also vital in this regard and it is important to replace these items every 12 months, a small point, but one so often overlooked by walkers.”