After one dad transformed his health and fitness from an overweight and stressed city worker to a health coach, he is working to help others do the same.

Darren Kirby is a wellbeing coach and founder of Fitter Healthier Dad and says that losing weight, getting fitter and having more energy is not as complicated or time-consuming as most of us think. His career as a fitness expert follows his own transformation six years ago from an overweight, stressed-out city worker, who lost 61lbs, to now helping countless dads break through the barriers and improve their health through his advice and unique programmes.

Through his own extensive reading and research, Darren has created Fitter Healthier Dad, a complete lifestyle programme that prioritises nutrition first and fitness second. Best of all for busy dads, the triathlon-based strength training can easily be done without a gym, from the comfort of their own home while also involving the family.