Tree of Life Manuka Honey is 100 per cent pure and natural, harvested from the manuka bush grown in the remotest parts of New Zealand.

Flowering for just four weeks of the year, the manuka bush provides one of the richest sources of methylglyoxal (MGO), the active antibacterial compound which gives manuka honey its unique health properties.

Renowned as a traditional remedy, manuka honey has been used for centuries by the Maori people of New Zealand. Tree of Life Manuka Honey is sourced through fair partnerships with landowners to ensure a fair deal and the highest quality standards and is sustainably sourced; the hives are helicoptered into the plantations during the short flowering window to ensure harvest quality and minimise environmental impact. Meanwhile, product quality is carefully controlled with full traceability back to the hive and every batch of Tree of Life Manuka Honey is independently tested and certified to verify its MGO potency, guaranteeing the highest quality.

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