The latest lockdown puts pressure on people’s health – both mentally and physically – and it’s so important you take the time to stay fit and healthy – but how?

The charitable social enterprise, GLL, has put together a free three-week home workout plan to get people through the month in the comfort of their homes while staying motivated and active.

GLL also teamed up with Environmental Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant, Lee Chambers, about how to stay mentally fit despite the circumstances, including three top tips for a healthy winter lockdown:

  • Write down things you are grateful for every day: It is challenging when we suddenly lose the ability to access things we enjoy and see people we appreciate. However, by writing things we can still do, we find it easier to focus on all the great things we still have, think less about what we have lost. It also assists us in remember that the current scenario is temporary, and positives and opportunities are waiting in a hopeful and optimistic future. Take this a step further and write down why you are grateful, and this will boost your mental wellbeing and improve your mood.
  • Embrace the winter outdoors: Suddenly, it is colder and darker. While it is tempting to hibernate, accessing nature is essential to our mental fortitude. With less natural light, it becomes more important to go outside and absorb it. Embracing winter helps us to embrace our own winters in our lives. It’s the perfect time to buy some lovely winterwear that feels like it’s cuddling you and get out and explore like a curious child. We can see more shades of green than any other colour and being in natural environments reduces our stress and anxiety, increases our clarity and kindness, and makes us feel part of something bigger.
  • Be compassionate with yourself: We are all faced with the underlying anxiety of a global pandemic that is prolonged and continues to impact our lives. Look back and reflect on just how much the world has changed since the start of the year, and how well you have adapted and acclimatised. Now is the time to be kind to yourself, to treat yourself to the small things, to celebrate the small wins, and to keep connected with the people who energise you. We will have many of the anchors of this time of year changing, such as Christmas markets and parties, but this shouldn’t stop you from doing something nice for yourself and others around you. Keep talking, keep smiling, and we can come through any challenge we face stronger.

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