Exercising during the winter can seem far harder than in the warmer months. For a start, getting active outside can be off-putting when it’s cold, and leaving the comfort of your home after a day at work, even if it is to go to the warmth of the gym, can feel a struggle.

But there are some simple steps you can take to keep motivated during the winter – and double world champion British rower and personal fitness trainer, Toby Garbett, is here to offer his advice.

“As a personal trainer and coach, I often find people let their fitness levels slip over the winter months, and regular exercisers become more sporadic. Even as an Olympic and World champion rower myself, the thought of winter training when icy water splashes in and around the boat on wet, windy cold days is not inspiring,” he said.

Among his tips, Toby suggested teaming up with a buddy to do any form of outdoor evening fitness as you are less likely to back out and will be safer in a group.

He also highlighted mood, commenting: “Many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) to some degree. This lowering of our mood can lead to lower self-esteem and motivation and makes us naturally less inclined to get out and exercise more. Interestingly, what we should be doing is the exact opposite, and exercising more!”

You could also give yourself a goal as you will be more motivated to train, and be sure to eat well to fuel your body.