If you like the idea of tying in a break abroad with getting active then take tips from one expert trail runner.

If you’re looking to discover the ultimate city break destination from a new perspective, you could try Geneva, Europe’s natural playground.

And as a local resident of Geneva, extreme sportsman and professional trail runner Dawa Sherpa (pictured left) has provided a guide on his favourite hotspots to discover the best of the city.

Situated at the foot of the Jura Mountains, only a short distance from the Alps, Geneva offers plenty of hiking, cycling and mountain biking routes for those who love adventure. Known by the Genevese as ‘Mountain King’, Sherpa considers a trail run from the shores of Lake Geneva to the top of Mont Salève the perfect route to conquer extreme challenges. This is not one for the faint hearted, but the hard climb is worth it and you will be rewarded with impressive panoramic views of the lake, city and mountains at the summit. For those who don’t quite have the legs, but still want to soak up the views from the top, hop on the cable car, which is complimentary with the Geneva Pass.

For those seeking a flatter route, Dawa recommends starting your trail on the Eaux Vives jetty overlooking the iconic Jet d’Eau. Follow the Promenade de la Jonction round up the Rhône until you reach the end of La Jonction, Dawa’s favourite place in the city. Here, at the top of the viaduct, you can see the deep blue Rhône river meet with the milky white waters of the Arve, one of Geneva’s natural phenomenon, and certainly one not to be missed.

After a long, hot run there is nothing better than cooling down in the iconic Lake Geneva. Dawa recommends heading to the Bains des Pâquis, a go-to favourite for locals. Enjoy wild swimming, diving off high boards or simply soaking up the summer sun.

Guests can visit the city with Geneva Tourism’s Weekend Package, Geneva Outdoors.

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