Neal’s Yard Remedies has launched a new campaign to protect our precious bee population.

Anabel Kindersley, co-owner of Neal’s Yard, hosted a Bee Symposium, bringing together like-minded businesses to debate and address the issue of bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticides and explore ways of working with nature to protect the UK’s bee population.

Earlier this year, Anabel rallied the support and signatures of 55 British businesses and organisations for her letter to the Government, calling for a total ban on toxic neonicotinoid pesticides and support for farmers transitioning to nature-friendly alternatives. In March, she hand-delivered the letter alongside Jayn Sterland, Chair of the Sustainable Beauty Coalition and MD at Weleda UK, Millie Kendall OBE, Chief Executive Officer of the British Beauty Council, and Lucy Siegle.

“Standing united on this matter is more than just a coming together of like-minded businesses. It’s a call to arms for every person, company and organisation to spread the word and spur action. We hope that together, our voices will amplify the call on the Government and drive positive, meaningful change,” Anabel explained.

The Bee Symposium was Neal’s Yard Remedies’ next step in its campaigning efforts; through stimulating discussion and insightful debate, Anabel and the panel explored tangible ways of working with nature to protect our precious pollinators, leveraging the collective power of all participating businesses and organisations to raise awareness and incite change.