Feeding You Lies is a new book to help you unravel the food industry and make the right choices for your health.

Food activist and New York Times bestselling author, Vani Hari, has written the new book, which is said to expose the lies we’ve been fed about the food we eat, about its nutrient value, effects on our health, label information and even the very science on which we make our food choices.

Growing up, Vani was a sugar addict, ate an abundance of processed food and avoided veggies. Her poor lifestyle choices landed her in hospital, and it was there that she decided to make her health her number one priority. Not only did she learn to eat the ‘right’ foods and move her body, she also started to investigate the harmful products that are put in the foods we eat.

Today, she has challenged major companies, prompting them to change the way they make their products, and in this new book, she encourages us to take control of what we eat and create a lifelong habit of living healthily. The book also offers a 48-hour ‘toxin takedown’ to rid your house and body of food toxins in a quick and attainable way.

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