When selecting fitness wear, the materials used are a key consideration – so why not look to the 2017 offering from Sundried?

The brand will be taking fabrics to a new level this year, using recycled plastics and used coffee, having developed a sustainable technology suitable for activewear.

By utilising coffee’s natural ability to block odour, the fabric is the ideal choice for some of the brand’s new garments. Partnering with coffee shops and collecting their used coffee grounds has provided a very sustainable route to supply raw material.

Sundried is a sustainable activewear brand focused on creating low-carbon, stylish and functional garments. By way of example, the range is designed to be washed at cooler temperatures. Between July 2016 and December 2020, this will help contribute toward a saving of 25,163.424 kWh in electricity consumed, displacing 11,630.28 kg C02e.

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