With the summer holidays in full swing, I was delighted when I received the ORGANii Everyday Organic Sun Range in the post, especially with the scorching weather that we have been getting in the UK. I am always looking for a new sun care range which will not only protect my skin, but also has a long-lasting affect.

The range includes an SPF50 Sun Milk, SPF30 Sun Cream and an After Sun Cream. What makes this range even better is that all three products are specially formulated for use on all skin types including sensitive skin.

Each product comes in an attractive box which bursts with colourful drawings of the sun, each product name being a different colour that corresponds with the bottle, making it easy to distinguish. Conveniently each bottle is a screw top meaning there will be no unfortunate spillages in your bag, whether that be a handbag or your suitcase.


ORGANii SPF50 Sun Milk

Organii’s SPF50 Sun Milk is a great choice for babies and children to protect their delicate skin. Free from chemicals, it contains ingredients including Argan and Jojoba which help to nourish the skin whilst Pongamol protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays. And what’s even better about this one is that it is certified by the Italian body, ICEA, who contribute to the sustainable development of organic farming.

It is “fragrance free” minus the subtle smell of woodland. When applied it is just as it says on the bottle, milky, however surprisingly thick but not sticky or greasy like some supermarket brands you get. Admittedly it takes a bit of work to absorb into the skin but to me this is a good sign – and it doesn’t leave you with white streaks. Although it is thick on application, I must admit that it is fluid in consistency. I would advise having your hand ready or applying it directly to the area you’re about to cream up.

A little goes a long way and being organic, it will give you greater protection for longer. I can happily say that my five-month-old nephew stayed protected the whole time on a recent holiday to France. Apart from the recommended application after swimming and sweating, little reapplication was required.

ORGANii’s SPF 50 Sun Milk is available now, priced at £23.95 for a 125ml bottle.


ORGANii SPF30 Sun Cream

If you have darker skin like me then an SPF30 by Organii is also available and suitable for all skin types. Vegan-friendly like the SPF50, this mineral sunscreen contains natural minerals of non nano zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, again, providing full spectrum UV protection by reflecting the sun rays away from your skin. The UVB protection will help to prevent sun burn when the sun cream is applied how recommended, whilst the UVA protection will help prevent skin ageing caused by the sun. 

Like the SPF50, it has an earthy smell and is thick on application, however it doesn’t take quite as much work to absorb into the skin. It also doesn’t leave you with white marks – hurrah! But do be aware that like any sun cream, it may stain your clothes.

I am quite paranoid about burning my skin and probably applied more than necessary during a long weekend to Sweden, however after five days of being in the sun, there remains over half a bottle.

For those adults who have a tan or darker skin, this is the one for you.

ORGANii’s SPF 30 Sun Cream is available now, priced at £21.95 for a 125ml bottle. Also available in SPF15.


ORGANii After Sun Cream

I love everything about after sun, the smell, the application, and the way it makes your skin feel afterwards. I was not disappointed by Organii’s – suitable for the whole family and those with sensitive skin.

This cream soothes and moisturises whilst replenishing softness and hydration back into your skin using key ingredients of Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Juice. Follow the instructions of: “apply onto skin after exposure to the sun, massaging gently until the cream has been fully absorbed into the skin” and you have these affects. Due to the consistency it is easy to rub into the skin and dries off in minutes, so you don’t have to worry about it sticking to your clothes or staining them.

Suitable for the body and face, it contains no parabens, no mineral oils and once again is suitable for vegans and certified by ICEA.

ORGANii’s After Sun Cream is available now, priced at £11.95 for a 150ml bottle.


Five-star rating from me


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