With spring on the horizon, one brand is getting ready for the start of hay fever season with a new formulation.

HayMax works by trapping pollen and other airborne allergens before they get in the body and the company has announced a new and improved formula across all five varieties of its popular organic allergen barrier balm for hay fever, as well as dust and pet allergy sufferers.

The new formulation HayMax contains natural vitamin E, which means that the balm will last longer than before. The beauty of it is it’s still as effective as before at blocking pollen, but now has the potential to last even longer, resulting in less waste from unused product and making it more environmentally friendly.

HayMax founder, Max Wiseberg, explained: “HayMax has always been a natural product without any preservatives. We really didn’t want to add preservatives to deal with reported rancidity – and when we asked our customers, they didn’t want us to compromise our natural and organic product either. So, we were delighted to find a natural antioxidant.

“Our new formula has been undergoing animal free testing since the latter half of 2017. Laboratory and usage tests have shown that the balm now lasts longer than the original formulation. This will result in less waste from unused product.”

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