New research has revealed that the UK eats the most junk food in Europe.

The UK has topped a list of European countries that eat the most junk food, indulging six times per month on average – more than double Europe’s average, according to the research from HelloFresh.

It was found that those aged 16-24 in the UK eat more junk food than any other age group in Europe, with Belfast named the junk food capital of Europe, topping a list of 105 countries.

While Brits might have the greatest appetite for junk food, the research shows the UK isn’t as partial to a ready meal. On average, 19 per cent of a typical British shopping basket is ready meals, the third lowest in Europe behind only Sweden and Austria.

The UK’s reliance on junk food could be due to a lack of cooking knowledge. Almost 44 per cent of Brits said they had ruled out some food because they don’t know how to cook it, while just over a third are confident cooking with all food and ingredients.

Looking specifically at the UK’s younger generations, more than half have limited the food they eat because of their cooking knowledge. This figure stands at 53 per cent among those aged 16-24, rising to 57 per cent for those in the 25-34 age category.