Gut health encompasses so much, and it can be confusing to know how best to care for it. And so here, we’ve highlighted just a few gut related experts whose expertise we love.

  • The Gut Stuff – launched by twins, Alana and Lisa Macfarlane, following their invaluable participation in a ground-breaking piece of research into whether gut health is determined by genetics or environmental factors.They have since penned the book, The Gut Stuff, and have a wealth of knowledge.
  • Dr Sunni Patel – the IBS sufferer and chef is the founder of gut healthy food platform, Dish Dash Deets. Sunni’s 20s were blighted by bulimia, and serious gut health issues which he tried to ignore. Eventually, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Today, he brings fun recipes but with a scientific/clinical background that ensures they are good for you.
  • Dr Rupy Aujla (The Doctor’s Kitchen): Dr Aujla is igniting a health revolution, starting with his campaign for parents to include three pieces of fruit and/or vegetables in children’s lunch boxes. Doing this is one of the best and simplest ways to increase antioxidant levels and increase plant fibre – supporting a healthy gut and immune system.
  • The Tummy Whisperer – Helen Brooks, aka The Tummy Whisperer, is a clinical hypnotherapist with a Degree in Applied Psychology who focuses her expertise on helping and treating sufferers of IBS. Fuelled by frustration that so many people with IBS are suffering unnecessarily- both physically and mentally, she wants to educate, inspire and transform people’s lives.