A new study has revealed the huge effect that infertility has on men.

The survey, conducted by national charity Fertility Network UK and researchers at Leeds Beckett University, was relased to tie in with the recent National Fertility Awareness Week and saw men call for a shift from infertility being seen as a ‘women’s issue’ within society and vastly improved support for men, in particular online.

The majority of respondents had direct experience of male factor infertility; 51 per cent male factor alone, 15 per cent both male and female factor infertility, and 19 per cent unexplained infertility or no diagnosis. Participants had, on average, been trying to conceive for five years.

The majority of respondents (93 per cent) stated that fertility issues had impacted their wellbeing. Men reported fertility issues to be emasculating, distressing and isolating, harming their self-identity, and causing stress.

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